This ISN’T a 40 Days Post

but… it is probably self musings and rambling nonetheless.

Stupid period finally showed up… which means I’ve had the shortest cycle I’ve had in a long time (50 some days, ha) but I’m really tired of the stupid over the top anxiety I get a few days before it starts and then a few days after.  I just feel like a nut… and don’t recall feeling that way during it before Paxil… so don’t know if it is related or just a coincidence.  But for now any new found positivity has taken a shit on me.  And I really want a breadstick.  At 6am.

We went and watched the fireworks last night.  Well I sourta watched them.  Mostly through my camera.  That is really the only reason I wanted to go through the hassle of going out to see them, b/c I wanted to see what my camera could do with them.  So I dragged out the tripod and all.  I was more interested in playing with my camera, as usual.  And then it took over an hour to get back home.  I live 10 fucking minutes away from where they hold the fireworks.  I don’t think the traffic will be worth it next year.

Also… I managed to finally make a header & fix my blog up a bit.  Weeee.  It looks much better now.  I dunno why I chose red though.  Never been a big red fan, but for some reason I like it.   And I’m finally calmed the hell down.

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