Full Circle

(This initially begin with a list of things I have been over the course of my life)

I’m sure the list could go on…

From what I see now, everything is full circle.  EVERYTHING.

Everything I have loved about myself, at some point in time I have been on the opposite side of.  Everything I hate about myself, same deal.  It almost makes me feel silly for hating anything about myself because I have been the opposite of those things and it is proof that I can be the opposite of those things that I currently despise.  I’m not actually stuck being one way for the rest of my life.

It is so easy to get stuck in that “this is how it will be forever” ridiculousness.  I’ve always been that way and yet, has it ever been forever?  Nope.

I’ve never truly been outside myself forever.  Unable to reconnect.  I always find my way back home eventually.


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