First Wedding Shot!

After spending last night incredibly anxious photographing the wedding really went off without a hitch (well so I think, I haven’t gone through the pictures yet lol)  I easily relax into the role of photographer and really see something in myself come alive that isn’t really always around all the time.  I told Ki that I wish he could see me work…  he was like why?  I told him because he would see this part of me that was extremely motivated, hard working, and very very outgoing and social.  It even surprises me.  Everytime I have any doubts as to if I am for sure doing the right thing with my life this time, as soon as I have a gig or whatever I know it 100% w/o a doubt.  I like to think this ‘job’ let’s me be who I really am.

Obviously doing a wedding for the first time… I really didn’t know what to expect.  You can go to a million weddings, but photographing one is completely different.  Especially when people are looking to you for direction for all the pictures LOL… it’s like wow I can tell these people what to do and they’ll do it.  POWER *LMAO* Kidding haha but it made me realize for future reference, I need to know what I want better beforehand, especially when the bride and groom don’t know!

I don’t know what happened between Friday & Saturday  (God heard my pleas maybe? lol)  but the lighting inside the church was just so much better… even tho… nothing had really changed, it was even less natural light during the ceremony coming in.  But it wasn’t so difficult as getting the correct lighting as it was Friday.  Maybe it was because I had fiddled with so many settings Friday that I knew what I wanted on Saturday.  I dunno.

I did shoot the ceremony in RAW, just to give me some leeway with all the lighting.

I got a little sad b/c I really thought that bride & groom were going to pass on doing outdoor shots with me.  I knew they were really tired and it was so hot outside but I hate just ‘traditional’ wedding shots you know.  Finally near the end of the reception they came up to me and told me they were ready to do some shots outdoors.  I was so happy and hope they came out great b/c I FINALLY got them to both really loosen up and have some fun outdoors.  If it wouldn’t have been so hot we could have gotten a lot more, but everybody dripping sweat isn’t the greatest for pictures nor a bride & groom’s nerves.

It felt great tho to get them to let go and have some fun.  That’s what you want to see.  If I can get clients to do that, that makes me feel really great.

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