I’m going through my house trying to organize things, throwing things away I don’t really have use for, donating what I can of course, and generally just having the urge to pare down all the crap!

I start going through my craft baskets though and that’s when I start to feel nervous.  I have 10 billion hobbies and no time for any of them.  When am I really gonna get around to doing any of this stuff?  I think I think “oooohh pretty”  & “fun” but don’t actually think about the actual execution of these projects.  And then it overwhelms and taunts me.

Some of this stuff, I don’t even know what the hell I was going to do with to begin with. The project intended is far lost from my mind.

*sigh* I’m overwhelmed with all my crap.  I think I need to get it figured out before we move again b/c if I had to move tomorrow I think I would rather trash almost everything than move all this stuff heh

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