In Love with My Art

I am done editing the photos from my first wedding shot… and…. I’m sad.  LOL  I am sad that the process is over.  I bitched about not exactly always liking the post processing process, but this time I really super enjoyed it.  It wasn’t overwhelming this time.  It wasn’t frustrating.  I didn’t fuss over things like I normally do.  I… *gasp*…. liked most of my shots.

I suddenly realize how lucky and absolutely blessed I am to have had THIS as my first wedding… first experience shooting a wedding.  I have not sat back and taken this knowledge for granted.

Most importantly, I was blessed with getting a wonderful couple.  Some of the sweetest kids (I say that like I am so much older than them lol) ever, so nice, so gracious.  In fact pretty much the whole family was just wonderful.  I was once a staff member at when it was still up and running and am a current staff member at… let’s just say that I do not take brides who have their stuff together and don’t turn into bridezillas for granted.    I can’t imagine the horror I would have experienced had I had my first experience be tainted by a bridezilla type bride *L*  Granted I’m sure at some point down the road it will happen, I will encounter somebody who I don’t mesh with and have to grit my teeth and smile… but I’m just so so thankful that it was not my first wedding experience!  Not only that… but I also made a friend =)

It dawned on me recently how doing photography is so much more than being a photographer…. taking pictures.  When you’re working with people, you fall into so many different roles.  And you really learn some great people skills.  You learn how to boost people’s confidence, make them smile, make fussy babies smile, get to know strangers rather intimately….

And not only is this art stimulating to the creative brain, but you’d be surprised how stimulating it is intellectually… keeping the mind working.  It keeps you sharp.  Now I’m understanding why a lot of the older photographers who are still in the field… in their upper 60’s… 70s that I’ve met… are still some of the sharpest people ever… it keeps your mind working.  You’ve gotta be sharp, especially in things like events… weddings… situations where you have to work fast, catch the moment or it is gone.  Not only do you have to think of all the technical aspects of photography… light, exposure, fstops, ISO blah blah blah… you’re thinking about the creative aspects, social aspects, ect.  It’s crazy, it’s stressful, it’s beautiful, it’s fun.

And I feel doubly blessed… to get the oppurtunity to see people in a way that most people are never going to look at other people.  Not only do I see you blown up on my computer screen to 300% at times LOL but I look at every single expression, emotion.  Not only in the picture, but while I’m there taking your picture too.  I’m waiting for an emotion to cross your face so I can capture it forever.  And sometimes… I click the button anyways and get an emotion from you that you wouldn’t have wanted me to get.  Ha.  I like it when I can disappear as much as I can… when people sourta ignore me or forget that I am there.


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  1. barcelonareporter
    Jul 23, 2009 @ 11:01:52

    very nice.


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