8am Furniture Rearranging

My dining room has taunted me for a while.  I just did not like it. It was too cramped.  I rearranged it sometime…. last year?  2 years ago?  No it couldn’t have been 2 years ago… we’ve only been living here only a little over 2 years.  Hell if I remember… and I was happy with it for a while.  I was still happy with it sometime around Thanksgiving of last year.  Around the spring it started to bug me.  I also found myself getting irritated with the bookshelf being right there boom in your face when you walk in the door.  It just made it feel like it closed off the rest of the space.  The bookcase has been there since we moved.  I think it got put there when we were moving shit in and just decided, eh it works… and left it.

So I kept thinking about the dining room and growing increasing anxious whenever I thought about it b/c I needed to do something with it, but what?  Daunting task.  Finally I just decided that if I got up and moved something, some how it would work out.  I recently put up my awesome wall fountain that I had been drooling over at Target… then shortly before my birthday I saw they had one left on clearance.  Happy birthday to me.  I had to have it.  It puts my table top fountains to shame… except sometimes I can’t decide if the water sounds are relaxing or annoying.  I unplugged it for a moment moving shit around and for a second it was like ahhhhhh silence.  And then I plugged it back in lol  It was actually meant to be an outdoor fountain, but I don’t have the luxury of putting shit like that outdoors.  Nearly every room of my place has a fountain in it… gee can’t tell I was born under a water sign lol

So after that happened… I begin having visions of changing around my dining room and different things I could do with it.  But not in the current set up.

I had recently hung all my paper lanterns (after having them for a year!)  and then in June I had tore down the yellow ones to use as possible decoration for my sister’s baby shower.  I didn’t and they were destroyed in the trunk of the car by the massive balloon war of 2009.  And good luck finding more yellow paper lanterns in a physical store.  Until I discovered The Dollar Tree had massive amounts of white ones.  I dyed some water yellow with icing coloring (regular food coloring works too) and ‘painted’ them.  Voila… you could pretty much create any color you wanted that way.  I painted the plastic parts that were white with regular craft paint and hung them back up.

I think I’m going for a festive garden party or something in my dining room.  I don’t know, but that is how I like it.

First step was moving the candle screen to the other wall.  I had to move it somewhere else.  I was so sick of looking at in in that corner, and it interfereing with the table… which to be honest I’m not even sure why we have a dining room table since it rarely gets used. The screen got moved to the other wall, but it was an improvement.  I love my candle screen and the firefly lights (they glow on and off and remind me of fireflies)  I have attached to it.

After some more moving things around I finally gently pushed the bookcase over to the other wall.  I had to take down some shelves and put them back up in a new spot.  Almost tipped the bookcase over on my dumbass at one point.  That would have been an emergency room visit.  I stuck it at an angle on the wall to give the room…I dunno…depth or something since I’m sick of everything being pushed up against the wall.

I still need to finish dealing with the contents of the bookcase.  I want it to just mainly have you know…. books.  And Snickers.  Snickers stays on the shelf.   I moved all my Asian inspired decor to the living room, because that is how the living room is decorated.  I need to print the pics I have in mind for the two frames on the one shelf I re-hung.

And then I put the shelving unit thingy with our wedding pics and Foundations wedding stuff  and cherry blossom wreath where the bookcase once was.

Much better.  Hey there is only so much you can really do with an apartment and you have to be creative sometimes haha

But now I have some new dilemmas.

1) There is an exercise bike that I must find a place for.  It lived where the bookcase now lives.  This is the exercise bike that I threw a fit over… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed it… I have so much pent up energy, it will help my anxiety, I can use it lots, I like biking, it will help me get in shape.  Yeaaaaaah.  I think it became a hat rack for my husband for a while.  *sigh*

2) There is a large… I dunno 3 foot Chinese vase with cherry blossom stems that needs a new place.  I think I know where I want to put it which leads me to…

3)  Currently by the door is the sewing machine my mom gave me.  It is not just a sewing machine but a whole piece of furniture.  The sewing machine is built into a table top and the top flips open and creates a sewing space.  Well I never used it b/c it is missing a piece I needed to order, which I never ordered.  Instead I bought my spiffy sewing machine so there is absolutely no function for me for the one my mom gave me.

It is also deep red, with orange & gold sponging.  I painted it that way.  It goes with my living room.  The paint job is fine… only now I’m thinking I could possible move it back to the bedroom, put the cable box on it.. etc.  My bedroom is no longer red… used to be done in red stuff but now it is blues & greens.  A red, orange, & gold thing isn’t going to go.  So if I want to do that… I must repaint it.  And I keep thinking… uhhh what it it ever HAS to be back in the living room.


And after all this I’m still entertaining the idea of living room rearrangement.

And I’ve been entertaining the idea of a new sofa for like a year a half now.

What is sad is that the one we have is only somewhere around 4 years old.  It looks like a piece of shit.  Whatever it is made of attracts animal hair like nothing I have ever seen before and the fabric itself pills and generally just looks gross.  It’s not very comfortable either.  The only thing I like about it is that it is red.  I like red sofas.  I just hate this particular one.

Anytime I declare we need to get rid of the sofa and get a new one… my darling husband declares that if we are ever to get a new sofa he is putting this one in the lounge aka his man/computer room.  I find the whole idea so freaking insane.  It is a fucking 10’x10′ room…. techincally more like 8’x10′ b/c of the closet.  Already in there is an entertainment center with a tv in it, a chair, a foot stool, a computer desk with computer obviously, computer chair, file cabinet, printer, bookcase, dog bed, cat tree, another floor shelving unit, wall shelves, his massive floor to ceiling DVD rack, and a random ass tv sitting on the floor that he took from the station b/c they were going to toss it if nobody wanted it.  I mean WTF.  I can’t even stay in there long b/c I feel claustrophobic in it.  AND HE WANTS TO PUT A LARGE SOFA IN THERE?!?!?!?!?!! It absolutely boggles my mind and I feel like I’m talking to a rock when I try to explain the logic to him of why that would fail.  He just keeps insisting that he has it all worked out in his head.  *headdesk*

So far the only sofa for the living room we have both agreed on is this one

I don’t know how I feel about the price though.  $700 seems high for what it is… and I know that is on the lower end for a decent sofa much less a sectional type one… but still…. it’s kinda like welllllll…. how much do I hate the current sofa and the answer is still a lot.

The chaise like section would mean the recliner we have would have to go bye-bye which would make me plenty happy.  WHO THE HELL SITS IN THAT RECLINER?!  NOBODY THAT IS WHO.  I mean especially when a man brings home a recliner… that usually becomes their spot.  Nope not mine.  No idea why he brought it home.

And those are my home decorating woes & rambles.


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