Pills, Pills, Pills

You think that I would be happy when it appears AF is about to roll around seeing how unpredictable it is.  But the bad part is is that I can start feeling like crap a week before it comes…. or longer.  Something about my hormones go wacky.  My boobs start hurting which doesn’t bother me as much as the raging anxiety.  I didn’t have this problem so much pre-Paxil.  I didn’t have PMS until Paxil.  Lord only knows what that stuff does to you that it can cause such horrible raging PMS symptoms and horrible PMS anxiety.  Oh yeah, and I bloat up to the point where I am convinced if I run into a sharp object I will pop and blow across the room.  It has also been shown that a drop in hormones before AF comes contribute to and/or makes CHVS worse.  And yeah… that’s when it acts up the worse for me.  I seriously begin to debate getting on BC just so I at least know when it is coming and for it all to be more predictable but…. there is a high chance that synthetic hormones could totally throw me for a loop.  I’m not really prepared to deal with that.  In fact my goal for some time has been remove as many pills from my life as possible, which isn’t working at all b/c I’m taking more…. but at least they are vitamins lol

I’ve become a firm believer in my vitamins and supplements and it seems like I am always adding something more to the mix if it works.  I mainly started becoming gung ho about them since weaing off Paxil.  Fish oil especially… seems to help so much with the wacky brain sensations after dropping down a dose, which currently is happening about every 3 weeks.  Each day I take my multi vitamin, magnesium supplement, “female” supplement, fish oil, and recently added a probiotic supplement.  The probiotic is an attempt to see if it will help my insane digestive system issues which of course any drop on Paxil they get 4000x worse.  I think that’s currently all I’m taking daily.  Oh yeah.  And Paxil.  Which I am now at 20mg.  Half my original dose.  I can’t believe I was ever taking 40mg of that shit.  No wonder I was a zombie who didn’t give a shit about anything.

But then if you throw in the allergy pills, random anti nausea medicine (usually after a Paxil dose drop), occassional Ativan, the sometimes ridiculous amount of Advil Migraine (again, usually after a Paxil dose drop)… I’m starting to feel like my liver is going to say it is done by the time I’m 40.  At least the vitamins & supplements don’t count towards towards shit my liver has to deal with.

Oh shit wait… add some homeopathic shit to that line up.  At least one could argue that is little more than cornstarch or something, but hey, I seem to respond to it.

I first tried this stuff for extra stress/anxiety help

The famous Bach’s Rescue remedy.  More than anything it is like taking a dropper full of whiskey.  At least that is what it tastes like.  I haven’t decided yet if it really helps, but it does seem to make me kinda tired.

My favorite homeopathic stuff comes from Hylands.

I use the sleep aid sometimes and it does seem to help induce good sleep.

I haven’t tried this stuff yet, but it is next on my list

And you know what happens when you make fun of drug companies for targeting something as random as Restless Leg Syndrome?  It eventually comes to haunt your sleep.  Yes, another fun symptom of weaning off of Paxil… I started getting creepy crawly nerves in my legs.  (And SSRIs can cause the whole restless leg thing.  Yay get one one drug for something, and it will cause something else that they have another drug for!)

I was desperate on night and found this, also homeopathic

Swear on my mama, it works like a freaking charm.


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