A Bit More Decorating Progress

I did end up painting the sewing machine piece of furniture dealy.  Although I learned a valuable lesson about using spray paint in the house.  *sigh*  I then sponged the light blue with a carribean blue color and dark green.  It kind of looks like a peacock lol  I think it will be okay in the bedroom.  Wee bit more dramatic than what I wanted but oh well.

I got to think more about the sofa today.  It’s really frustrating to think of spending money that has much better places to go on a new sofa right now.  Even with as much as I would like a new one.  And I want a new one a lot.  But I decided before I committed to anything new, I would perhaps try to find a sofa cover first and see if that improves my feelings towards the current sofa any.  Even if it was a $100 or bit more sofa cover… it would still be a shit load less than a new one.


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