My frog Tripod finally died today.  I say finally b/c it was coming every since his lost leg stump got re-infected.  In the epic nastiness to end all nastiness it burst and some… organs… came out of its body.  It was still alive for about 4-5 hours afterwards.  I was freaked out, posted something another board asking if it would just die or if there was something humane I could do to end its suffering, got flamed b/c apparently I should be taking something the size of a quarter that cannot survive outside of a fish tank to the vet (WAT).  It was quite amazing I got drama for that considering some of the responses for ending its misery which were 100x more horrifying than the poor thing just suffering.  Actually now that I think of some of those responses, I’m quite disturbed.

I got a betta fish tonight to replace him in the tank.  Hopefully I don’t kill this one during a water change.  I’m pissed though b/c the new tank I just bought… the LCD light that shines in went dead already and I don’t think I can replace it.  Bullshit.

Dog’s yearly vet appt was today.  Went well except that he is getting more vicious with his “little dog” attacks when somebody messes with a part of him he doesn’t want messed with.  I never dreamed he’d get that way, vet says it is common with small dogs as they age.  He needs some meds in his left ear and I just fought with him for 20 minutes to get them in.  He fights and snaps at me *sigh*

Classes going fine, just cause me random anxiety.  Husband not helping around the house is also anxiety inducing.  It’s just like hello… I have responsibilities outside the house too… why should I be responsible for it all?  *sigh*

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