Japan is Awesome and Weird

I recently stumbled across a site that sells good from Japan…  and my fascination has grown immensely… because Japan seems to be a wonderful mix of awesome and bizarre lol

In the land of cool stuff… I totally want this lamp:

This thing that you can stick in your tub for a cool effect

Home Plantetarium

Which projects stars into your room

A projector that gives your ceiling that underwater look

A mist/humidifier which can emit a stream or “smoke” rings

Aroma mist ball

Jellyfish Lamp

USB Stitch Humidifier

And for some weird….

Fire Flower Extinguishers

Which is also kinda nifty

A custom gold business card

Which I have to say, if you’re awesomely rich you should be doing this lol

A gold leaf keyboard

Beauty Bottom Butt Shaping Cushion

Grow a tiny plant in a tiny capsule

A shouting vase… gee wish my dad would have had one of these lol

So apparently this stuff turns your bath water into some kind of gel.  Does it go down the drain when you’re done?

Beauty Voice Trainer

USB Air Conditioned Shirt

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