My last post sounds really full of self pity… I suppose it was my state of mind.  I hardly dwell on this stuff much, but it has just been on my mind over the past days.  And at any rate, I managed to crash and burn on my latest Paxil taper having to go back to 17.5 after struggling for a week and eventually just hitting a point where I thought I was going to rip out my hair and bust out of my skin.  Part of the failure was that state of my mind.  I was feeling bad but kept telling myself I had to push through, I had to, I had to… wtf…no I don’t.  I don’t have to feel horrible.  Really it doesn’t matter how long in reality this taper takes b/c I am on no timeline except the one I have created in my head and that one means nothing… just my own ridiculousness that I need to set aside.

I do that sometimes, convince myself that something HAS to be a certain way and then freak when it doesn’t go as planned.  Hello and welcome to my world.

Let’s see…. the VMAs happened lol  I won’t say much about the Kanye incident as it has been beaten to death and the President summed up my thoughts nicely, but I will say that it has created some of the greatest internet memes of all time.

For example…

Ahahhaa I love pop culture in the time of the internet.

I also found this to be an amusing moment and applaud the person who gif’d it

Poor dude didn’t line up his shoes correctly and a moment of hilarity ensued.

And something that needed to be talked about more… b/c it was just uncomfortably hilarious… the lil’ mama incident.

At first I was pissed b/c the crazy marred an otherwise flawless performance but upon closer inspection, it is also hilarious b/c it was so bizarre.

I mean how often do you really get to witness a *backing away slowly moment*

Aha MTV… this is the first time you have amused me in years.


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