Colorful Language Ahead

Yesterday I found myself wanting to stand up in the after I turned in my quiz in one of my art history classes and point to 2 particular rude bastards and declare they are in fact, rude bastards.  I’m sick of rude people.  And there’s so fucking many of them these days.  I fear the day of having manners is long gone.  People really do seem to have lost all manners these days.  There is a reason nobody sits besides these 2 assholes in this class.  It is a girl and a guy, apparently dating b/c she likes to have little PDA sessions during lecture.  I mean really, wtf?  Nobody wants to see you snuggling up against your boyfriend in the middle of class.  If she isn’t doing that, then she is taking out blotting papers and blotting every inch of her face 40x, stopping periodically to inspect the blotting sheet and then showing it to her boyfriend.  More wtf-ness.  And then to piss me off even more, they do not move at all when somebody is trying to get down the aisle to a seat.  This is a lecture hall.  And on days when everybody shows up, it is filled to the max.  There isn’t an option of another seat.  If you get there late, you’re next to these assholes.  Today I about tripped and killed myself not once but twice, once when arriving and once when leaving b/c they would not scoot in their seats, move their arms, or remove their bags from the center aisles in a space that is already about 1 foot by 1 foot.  Excuse me doesn’t work.  No, apparently their mamas never taught them what that means.  People like this is why I suffer resting bitch face.  I am seriously so fucking close to busting out my own rudeness on them.

They are just 2 examples of the rude ass people I encounter everyday.  It is especially painful on days when there are tons of freshmen on campus.  The younger the kids, the more I want to throttle them.  I can’t stand their random undeserved sense of entitlement and complete disrespect to almost everyone but the person they’re blabbing to next to them.  I clearly need the fuck out of here asap.

Ahhh the fuck out of here.  Such a dream.  That is it.  I’m starting to be able to visualize it now.  If I keep on track.. if I keep pushing.  It could be over sooner rather than later.  I have a dream!

Sadly I’ve realized I have to start making some sacrifices.  Spreading myself too thin these days.  Especially when I am doing it “for experience”.  *sigh*  I hate that I have to do it, but I realized yesterday that I really needed to set the actual business aspect of my photography on the back burner in favor of school while I am this busy.  It is difficult, but after deciding to do some more *free* work in hopes of continuing to build my portfolio, I just realized that I am stressing myself out so much.  At least I can’t deal with it how I’ve been doing.  I need to regroup and figure out if I ever offer *free*portfolio building work again, it will have to be under different terms.  It is hard to make this decision because I feel like a part of me goes dead if I go to long w/o doing something proactive that involves my passion…. but when I have so much else going on, and then you add the new stress of that, I just… I can’t.  I can’t give my 100% to either when I do that, and I get so tremendously frustrated when I can’t give my all to what I am focused on.

Gaaaah… when is my next break?


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