Photoshop Stuff

I’m taking down my Photoshop page since I no longer (and haven’t for quite some time) gotten to add to it like I had hoped.  So if I get the chance to try out random photoshop stuff… I’ll just post it here.  In the meantime… a post with the stuff that was on the page.

A page for Nacho’s scrapbook

A page for Peeper

A page for Mango

One of my first experiments with animation

and another

and another

My starfield

My Planet

My 3D sphere

Some eyeballs

A gelcap

Pearls.  I think this was the first thing I ever drew in Photoshop

Trippy man

Camera Lens 1

Camera Lens 2

My glowing flower

Hey I put her there and she almost looks like she belongs there

Glass Orb

And this sad thing, but it taught me some skills.

Photoshop designed onesies

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