On Top of a Parking Garage, Disturbed People, and Churches

Tired.  It is only 2pm.

I expect that my shoot today will back out.  I already thought it happened once.  Then about 15 minutes after we were scheduled I get some information.  Maybe later today?  But I just get a feeling that I might not hear back.  My second shoot I was supposed to have backed out last night… but s/he were coming from like 2 hours away and just couldn’t end up doing it.  I get that one.  For every 10 people that you talk to via ye ole craigslist, only about 1 materializes.  It is the craigslist phenomenon.

It wasn’t all a waste that I woke up early on a Sunday morning and took my happy ass downtown at 11 am.  The original intent was to scout my shoot location.  I decided almost immediately.  And then… I roamed around with my camera and successfully fulfilled a 101 in 1001 goal I made a long ass time ago… go on a photo shoot downtown.  Now I am eager to add “go on a photo shoot downtown AT NIGHT” to my list.

I walked the downtown streets and let it start to feel familiar.  I’ve lived here so long now, but there are still parts of the city that feel so unfamiliar.  Oh sure, there’s some places I’ll never get to know.  Otherwise known as the ghetto ass parts of this town.  There’s really nothing going on over there unless you 1) Live there 2)Are looking to score some drugs 3)Interested in picking up some gay dudes.

It’s funny to me how actually small the downtown is here too considering the city itself is quite large and populated.  It’s just that it is spread out so far that it doesn’t feel that big.  And even though it may be the second largest city in this state… it has less than half the population of the largest city.

At any rate, I easily walked the main spread of the downtown area in about 2 hours.  Much faster if I would have not been taking pictures.

It was not until I climbed up to the top floor of the parking garage overlooking the new stadium that I felt…. just completely awesome.  It’s not *that* high up, but high enough for a sweet ass view of everything.  My legs were a little wobbly after just jetting up 8 flights of stairs combined with my rather new found fear of heights (seriously, wtf, it just developed in like the past 2-3 years) but it was that awesome kind of anxiety.  I was up there all by myself, with my the love of my life, my 40D just overlooking everything and it felt beautiful.

I trekked back, encountering a man that was somewhere between crackhead or just mentally disturbed.  He was pacing the sidewalk having a conversation quite loudly with himself, something about how “they weren’t gonna do it this time”, but as I crossed the street beside him he turned to me, got a huge grin on his face and proudly exclaimed “HI!”, I took the time to make eye contact with him, smile and say hello back.  His eyes lit up and he grinned again and exclaimed “Hello!” once again, before turning and taking off down the next street.  I just got the feeling that I may have been the first person today to even treat him like a human being.  As long as it is not a situation that could turn dangerous, I try not to feel fearful of these people that are just a bit… off and society has neglected.  I was right there in the middle of downtown with hundreds of cars driving by every minute, I wasn’t too concerned.  Did I feel a bit skittish of a dude with crazy eyes having a conversation with himself coming at me? Sure, LOL… it’s definitely the country small town girl in me… but just making eye contact with him and telling him hello I saw his eyes soften and it just made me feel good to be friendly to someone that I bet a lot of people would cross the street to avoid.  Especially here.  Just sayin’.

I stood in front of some of the beautiful churches downtown wishing that I could just go in.  I am sure they are freaking amazing inside.  I want nothing more than to photograph a wedding inside of one.  I don’t think they would take too kindly to me going in and taking pictures otherwise LOL  so I roamed around the outsides admiring the beautiful architecture.  There is just something very fascinating to me about the architecture, sculptures, carvings, reliefs and other artistic decoration of religious structures.  I *think* sometimes the city has random tours of various churches in the city since a lot of them are historical as well… next time I hear about one, you bet your ass I’m signing up to do it b/c I NEED to see the inside of some of these.  It is taunting me.

Eventually I made it back to my car thinking… well even if today’s shoot never materializes I’m so thankful that it was still put in some place in some way or otherwise this day would have not happened.


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