The Massage… Almost Better than Sex

I’ve been going for massages for about a year now, maybe a little over year.  Basically when I gave up on chiropractors for my back (or rather, also didn’t feel like driving an hour a couple times a month to see the only chiropractor I trust in the entire world, who is also a family friend).  I’ve cycled through most of the girls at the place I go and they are all pretty fabulous.  Some people have the one that they really like to stick with.  Me…. I don’t really care.  They are all excellent for the most part.

At the beginning I did see the same person pretty regularly, J.  She was a good masssage therapist but she talked, A LOT.  Sometimes I didn’t mind it, especially if I was feeling chatty… I could get a massage and fulfill some randoms socialization needs.  But sometimes it got annoying… especially if I wanted to really relax.  She gave good massages, although sometimes painful but they were really deep.  It ended up that my schedule quit coinciding with hers and I saw her less and less.  To be honest now I don’t even know if she still works there, I haven’t seen her in quite sometime.

I saw massage therapist B quite a few times.  She was good, nice and relaxing but she was a bit too gentle.  I don’t know, she seemed a bit timid about really getting in there and working a muscles or something.

After those two I sort of cycled through some more of the girls there… a couple people no more than once.  Because of my latest schedule I have no regulary been seeing S or T. 

I became rather infatuated with S’s technique.  She was just damn good.  Very relaxing, slow movement, she could make a 40 minute massage feel like an hour massage. 

Today I saw T again for probably only the second time.  The first time she did a massage on me I was blown away.  Something about her technique combines both relaxation and nice deep muscle working.  I was slightly sad at first though that I wasn’t seeing S again today though, who I thought I would be seeing.  I sourta moped a bit at first but then wow… T is amazing.  It seriously feels like I have 2 people working on me instead of just one when she gives massages.  Her movements are fast but effective.  And her neck massages are out of this world.

Generally I just get upper body except for the rare cases (like today) when I go a full out and get full body.  My back (and neck) is the area I most enjoy having all the tension removed from (and where I have pain issues) and honestly, next time I am there I gotta tell them to spend a long time on my back and neck and forget arms and crap b/c I can never get enough back massages.  Rub it till it’s raw lol

But T’s neck massage…o…m…g.  I remembered why I loved her the first time I had her as my massage therapist.  She has some kind of voodoo technique and energy b/c she has been the only one that puts me into this meditative state.  It is amazing.  I’m getting a massage and an excellent meditation session with her all in one.  And being in that calm meditative state WHILE getting a massage… it is the most amazing feeling in the world.  Your mind is completely free and all you feel is this wowing body sensation of the tension being released. 

I laid there for a few minutes after she was done and had left the room for me to get dressed and just did not want to leave the total calm state I was in.  It is like taking a high dose of benzos…x10 and a whole hell of a lot better…all naturally. 

If I ever have the money…. I swear I want to do this at least once a week instead of like 2x a month.


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  1. Nat
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 02:09:46

    OMG. I so wish I lived nearby.


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