Enchilada Filling by Yours Truly

This is how I create recipes… I don’t measure anything (I AM my grandmother!)

I usually just buy a roasted chicken when I want to use chicken in something, unless there are boneless/skinless breasts on sale somewhere. That way, it is already cooked and ready to go, all I have to do is take the skin off and take it off the bone.

I’d say about 1/2 a chicken provides enough meat to make nearly 12 of these depending on how big you make them.

Fajita seasoning is good to use to season the chicken, but I was disappointed in the new brand I tried when I made this so I ended up throwing in some extra chili powder and cinnamon. The cinnamon in it rocked. I also add red pepper to my chicken, I prefer roasted red peppers b/c they are sweet yet slightly smokey and so good.

The chicken I used in mine was actually part of fajitas the night before.

To finish my filling… I saute some garlic in a pan just until it is slightly brown and then add a can of black beans that have been rinsed and a can of chick peas that have been drained.

I let them cook with the garlic and start to get warm and then start adding seasoning…salt, pepper, chili powder, and cumin…seasoned to taste. I then mash about half of the bean mixture with a fork, leaving the rest whole, just for some better texture, that way you won’t have all these chunky beans. Then I added my chicken mixture in and let it all get nice and warm.

To assemble I use corn and flour tortillas for variety. I used to hate corn tortillas but now I really like them, especially for dishes like this they lend such great flavor unlike flour tortillas which are basically food deliverers to my mouth, ha.

I just spooned some filling in, used a toothpick to hold it together, covered in red sauce, & cheese and popped in the oven until hot through out and my cheese was melted.


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