I’m Old

Is there really a point to sinuses?  Do I really need some random spaces in my head that are constantly inflamed?

I didn’t shoot salt water up my nose this morning via this device and apparently am going to pay for it dearly.  DEARLY FOLKS.  I could go do it now, but I’m too lazy.  I’ll just shoot some saline up my nose.  God, I feel all old & shit with my nasal sprays and vitamins and shit.

Speaking of old…. spending a few hours with my nephew yesterday made me feel down right decrepit…. is that how you spell it… hell I don’t know.  I came home and told Ki we better have kids before one makes me fall over dead.  I’m quite convinced if I can even make it through 9 months of carrying the thing inside of me, I will certainly be dead 8 weeks after.  If I don’t have one that is easy to entertain, yes I will certainly be dead.  My nephew is not easy to entertain.  Once he decides he is bored with something he has a little baby freak out until you find the next thing to entertain him.  And he is not content any longer sitting on your lap being entertained…. no HE MUST STAND.  That child is dying to walk and he can’t even crawl yet.




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