Thanksgiving… Can It Really Be Just a Week Away?

It looks like this will be the first year not making/having Thanksgiving at my house since… well since I’ve been out on my own.  It kind of makes me sad, despite the stress associated with it I really do enjoy hosting Thanksgiving.  I like to cook, I like people gathered at my home, I like not having to leave my house lol

But this year my beautiful nephew Tristin was born.  This means that my mother became a grandmother.  This means it is the first time she has ever put her family ahead of her husband’s family.  It is kind of sad that it took a baby.  My mother is a baby fiend.  Even my sister, the owner (lol) of Tristin agrees it was kinda sad that it took her spawning for my mom to actually spend the day of Thanksgiving with us.  But I digress to a family issue I suppose…  But then again I guess one could argue for the fact that her husband’s family has just kind of ended up blowing in the breeze as of late.  Probably a combo of baby and older parents going senile.

So this year my mother claims Thanksgiving.  I guess on the positive side I will not have to spend a shit ton of money on food for everyone.  I won’t have to worry about the damn turkey.  I won’t have to feel compelled to make sure my home is pristine.  I won’t have to worry about cramming everybody in.

I am however going to be doing some cooking there.  I like to cook for Thanksgiving… I don’t really want that taken away from me.

Naturally these past years of preparing Thanksgiving dinner I used many recipes that were passed down from my mother while creating some new food traditions of my own.  What belongs rightfully to my mother, I will leave to my mother.

But what shall I bring/cook?

  • Well every since my MIL introduced me to wild rice… I feel compelled to incorporate that in some way.’
  • Pink Stuff… ahh yes Pink Stuff… my mother usually neglects to make it these days. I’ve insisted on taking over.
  • Three Cheese Garlic Scalloped Potatoes…. my husband told me he is boycotting Thanksgiving all together if I don’t make them. I’m debating making 2 pans of them this year seeing as the last couple of years by the time I got to them they were basically gone. I’m guessing people like them.
  • Cornbread, Sausage, Apple & Pecan stuffing. There is no going back on stuffing ever again. I love good stuffing. And this is the bomb. I just refuse to stuff it inside of a turkey… because that is wrong. Moist bread doesn’t belong inside of a dead bird. It skeeves me out completely. My mom stays faithful to her stuffing recipe. I cannot… do it. Her stuffing that is. She insists that I don’t like it because one Thanksgiving when I was 5 or 6 I was violently ill (talk about a sucky Thanksgiving) and was throwing up at the mere scent of food… and her stuffing was one of them. The truth is is that it just lacks flavor, sorry mom. It is this concoction of bread that is a little too moist, cooked down onions & celery, and not enough spices to balance the mixture out to be anything more than wet onion & celery bread. Yes I just bagged on my mother’s stuffing recipe that she has been making for yeaaaaaaaaaaars but I don’t understand being faithful to a recipe just for tradition sake when it is bad dammit lol
  • I am debating making fresh creamed corn. There is really nothing like it. My sister always brings her scalloped corn and it is good, but I mouthful or two and it is just too sweet.
  • Last year I made an awesome homemade cranberry sauce… I don’t even know if I have the recipe but I’m sure I could find it. I loooove cranberry sauce with my turkey. My mom usually breaks out a can of the gelled stuff…. you know, with the can indents on it. Hell yeah.  Not that there is anything wrong with that because I’ll eat that just fine, but man, nothing beats the real stuff.
  • And because clearly there won’t be enough food lol… I need an awesome dessert. The past few years I have made a badass yet simple bread pudding that is divine. Except the year I made a variation of pumpkin bread pudding that disappointed me. It is this, or try something new. And presenting the awesomeness of the crepe cake has been taunting me. I have yet to decide if I want to deal with it on top of everything else but behold the awesomeness of the crepe cake in these various pics


It’s like a work of art.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nat
    Nov 20, 2009 @ 02:48:25

    OMG. Considering I’m making crepes right now to satisfy a craving that cake looks SO EFFING GOOD. If you make it, PLEASE tell me how yummy it is and send me the recipe!!


  2. rcipfw
    Nov 23, 2009 @ 13:19:42

    I think I’m gonna attempt to make it. I’ll definitely post the recipe and rave about its wonderfulness if I do =D


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