Wow so not unlike last year during Thanksgiving week, this year I also have a pinched nerve in my neck.  This time I know what caused it though uggh.  I have a habit of positioning myself very awkwardly when using my lap top and I felt it starting to hurt the other day, but I kept sitting the same way for the next couple days when using the laptop and of course it got inflamed enough to pinch the nerve.  I have a massage scheduled for Friday that I would reschedule in a heartbeat for sooner if I wasn’t getting $15 off an hour on a Black Friday deal.  I know it doesn’t sound like much but it is when an hour is $60 and 40 minutes, which I usually get is $45 (didn’t used to be, they upped their prices earlier this year…grrrrrrrr)  So yeah, 20 extra minutes for the price I pay for 40…I WANT.    I love the place I go to but I’ve been debating trying out a cheaper place b/c I’m still pretty irked that my place upped their prices.  At least maybe try out a different place…. if they suck I don’t have to go back.

I am trying to pretend not to be overwhelmed with life lately.  I just try to act… do what I gotta do and otherwise not think about it too much b/c if I start thinking about it I kinda just wanna curl up in a ball under the covers and say fuck it all.  This semester is so close to being over… and I’m fucking scared to death.


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