House Smells Nummy Already

I started cooking this morning.  Pink Stuff is assembled and in the fridge… although arguably it could assembled 5 minutes before dinner and it would be ready to go, but I think it tastes better after the flavors have marinated in the fridge together overnight.  Cranberry sauce is done and in the fridge.  Crepe batter has been made and in the fridge, as well as the pastry cream all in preparation of creating the cake tonight (yes Nat, I AM gonna make it =D )  Cornbread is in the oven so it will be ready for the stuffing.

Wild rice will be made later this evening.  It usually fares well the next day.  I am going to roast some red & yellow peppers to put in it.  I bought corn for fresh creamed corn.  I will probably either just make that at my mom’s or assemble it right before we leave since it just needs the corn cut off the cob, half n half, salt, pepper and a wee bit of sugar & butter and into the oven it goes.  I have debated how to do the potatoes.  I am thinking just going ahead and making them tonight, getting them all cooked through minus the cheese crust/topping and then putting that on once I get to mom’s and letting them reheat.  I am thinking I will just make the stuffing the morning of and then take it down and put it in the oven to keep it warm.


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