Holidays Are a Reminder that a Group of People Cannot All Be Happy at the Same Time

I spent a few days remaining angry about the letdown that was Thanksgiving.  Mostly I was just annoyed.  I really try to enjoy the holidays and for Thanksgiving to not be enjoyable and a cause for annoyances just let me down completely.  Of course there is drama for Christmas promised I’m sure.  Thankfully my mother has decided to hold whatever Christmas thing she is doing possibly the weekend before Christmas.  For this I am thankful because I really don’t want to mess with it closer to the actual holiday.  It is doubtful that it will be too enjoyable.  Personally I am all for a get in and get out mission if need be.  My personal mission is to interact with everyone as much as possible and make it feel warm and happy but if it turns into a “let’s stare at Tristin” or better yet “let’s stare at grandma cooing over Tristin” fest for 4 hours I am outta there before we hit .5 hour.  I swear I am not a bitch and I love my nephew with all my heart and I adore and dote on him as much as you could imagine as well, but to me spending time with my family is about spending time with my entire family, not just focusing attention on one member of the family.  Not alienating everyone else, or not having adult conversation, etc just because somebody gave birth.

I think my sister feels somewhat thrust into a different world with the family since having Tristin.  I get the feeling from her sometimes that her identity has been wrapped up and lost into just the mother role.  Everybody wants to talk to her about her baby, all the time.  She actually seems relieved and glad to talk about other aspects of her life is you just ask her.

I really don’t know what to do about any Christmas get together with my dad.  I do feel bad for him in a way.  Yes, he has been annoying and wrapped up in his woman drama as usual, but I guess I have a heart because I just feel bad at the thought of him spending Christmas alone.  My sister pulled the baby card on having anything that involved him at her house… and then of course all the random get togethers they need to make for her husband’s family.  I would be perfectly happy to ask my brother & dad to come to my house for something Christmasy… of course the mere mention of this threw my sister into a tizzy and I of course had to hear about dates, times, and now the best reasoning of all… Tristin hates his car seat thus making visits to my house impossible.  This is where I do perhaps become a bitch.  This is not my problem.  It may very well be a matter of somewhat hurt feelings, feeling left out if she cannot make it because her baby screams until he turns red in his car seat, but I do not feel like it is my problem if she doesn’t want to do anything at her house because she has a baby and doesn’t want to do anything at anybody else’s house because her baby screams.

I mean really.  FFS, I cannot make everyone happy and I refuse to try.  If I want to do something at my house and invite people over she doesn’t have the authority to tell me what I can’t and can do based on things that don’t concern me.  If she can’t or won’t come, fine… that sucks, but I can still do what I want to do.  I am not going to play this game with people this year of trying to make sure everybody is happy all at the same time.  Not only will I not do it, but it is impossible even if I wanted to.

Sometimes I seriously envy my husband for not having to deal with family & holidays.

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