Nacho Does the Holidays

I always wanted to take cute ‘posed’ pics of my pets but as usual it was one of those things I rarely got around to.  But my MIL requested a picture of Nacho in one of his sweaters for Christmas (this is apparently what happens when you don’t give a woman grandkids after a certain time lol)

Nacho hates his sweaters, which is a shame b/c he has a small puppy wardrobe but every once in a while I stick one on him and let him mope.  So in most of the pictures, he is moping lol


And then like a year ago I bought him this toy… after Valentine’s Day.  I had the intention to post him with it then but it never happened.  So Heart has been beaten up and chewed and lost most of it’s shape, but still cuteness prevails.

I loved the pics so much that Nacho got 3 blown up and hung on my photo wall.


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  1. basykes
    Dec 09, 2009 @ 23:02:51

    Dexter, our current SPCA foster, hates being dressed too, but he shivers so badly, I can’t not try to put him in a sweater at least for awhile until he warms up!


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