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I have recently starting playing my Sims 2 again after a looooooooooooooong hiatus away from them.  I fell in love with the Sims years ago in 2002 when my then just boyfriend (and now husband) pulled out a copy of the original Sims game, installed it for me and I was hooked.  Next thing he knew, he was buying me expansion packs lol

Because in the original sims there was no aging… I created a family that became my original sims family.  One immediately died in a kitchen fire.  2 more died of later of the guinea pig disease.  Or maybe 3.  The other three lived on and had intricate lives weaved for them.  Eventually I started working ways to make the family grow… killing off children spawned and recreating them as adults.

When The Sims 2 was announced I think I squee’d in excitement.  I was officially a complete dork.  It was released shortly after we moved back to IN and I murdered our computer the night it came out attempting to install it.  We had an eMachine for a short while to get by and damned if I didn’t install it on that… and play it… and a sim week took about 5 hours on that thing.  No shit.  Finally we got another computer that could run it efficiently.

My game has crashed, died, and had to be reinstalled multiple times.  I always end up recreating my original sims clear back from TS1 days.  In my latest installment I’ve recreated them as my legacy families and decided this time I will stay with the ‘hood… and quit recreating them barring any fiery explosions of the neighborhood.

My sims are like Barbie dolls… which I always did love my Barbies as a child and their make believe lives.  Everybody has their place where they go for fantasy in their lives… some people read, some people write, some people play computer games, some people daydream…  I think I like my sims so much because it is a visual fantasy world as well as a story fantasy world.

So being a Sims freak… you might ask why I haven’t mentioned The Sims 3.  Oh, it is on my computer, although it might not be for much longer.  I simply wasn’t excited when it was announced.  I just had to try it.  And for me… it had just lost the magic.  Sure the seamless neighborhood was cool and the graphics for the neighborhood were prettier when it came to water, lighting, shadows, all that.

But… but… something is missing.  Sims 1 was amusing even if it didn’t have the realism that TS2 and TS3 have because it had this twisted sense of humor.  I loved that about it.  And I loved the community (when it didn’t involved 12 year olds).  Same for TS2 although as Maxis sourta faded and EA took over, it lost some of those original touches… but still it ended up being a game that the sims community really created.  I feel like the things that held TS2 back could have been addressed and fixed without a The Sims 3.  It was just too soon without enough change.  And I HATE HATE HATE the doughy looking blah sims in TS3.  Clearly genetics wasn’t a big part of TS3… and I absolutely love ‘breeding’ my sims and seeing all the unique features in Ts2.

TS1 sourta faded and died in terms of the community behind it when TS2 came out… but thankfully I don’t see that happening at all with TS2 now that TS3 is out.  People are still creating just as much awesome content and mods as ever.  I think EA Games sourta shot themselves in the foot with TS3 because it just seems like a dead end to me… so much of the community that I know that is extremely loyal to the Sims franchise is sticking with TS2.  They would have bought 10 more expansion packs for it.

Feel free to tell me your thoughts on TS2 vs TS3, leave a link to your sims, or tell me about your favorite sims sites!

At any rate, I am loyal to TS2 and will remain so.  It fulfills my simming needs completely and at the end of the day the only thing I don’t like I can still deal with completely with a good laptop (loading screens).  My entire point of this post was to post some screenshots lol but I figured I’d ramble a bit.  But now, times for screenshots!  Sometimes… with my sims I really love… I’ll go in there and let the photographer in me come out for my sims and try to take cute screenshots.

So I present you with the wedding of Jill & Jon… 2 of my ‘original’ sims clear back from TS1 days recreated.


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  1. Kate
    Dec 10, 2009 @ 17:34:25

    Wow, you really have awesome sims pics! I played 1 a ton and 2 a little bit (real life got in the way of that) and I tend to agree that 2 is better in alot of ways then 3. 3 I’m only part way into, never did the online but I like that is has weekends/days off for the sims. I remember having a baby in sims 1 and it being sooo hard to take care of, then I had a real one, and I went back to sims recently and was worried that the sim baby didn’t need more!


    • rcipfw
      Dec 11, 2009 @ 05:37:11

      ate, thanks! I rarely take good pictures of my sims except for the ones I really like lol Sims 1 babies …ahhh memories lol… make sure you get to them when they cry or the social worker comes lol


  2. MissMeliss
    Dec 11, 2009 @ 04:53:07

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I used to be quite the Sims addict, but I don’t think any of mine had such an elaborate wedding.

    And hey, is your dog a papillon or a long-haired chihuahua (he LOOKS more like the former, but…) I ask because I have a papillon/chihuahua mix.


    • rcipfw
      Dec 11, 2009 @ 05:36:54

      MissMeliss, he is a full blooded papillon! I would love to see pics of your dog, I have always wondered what that combo would look like!


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