Now With Pictures! Crepe Cake

I made the crepe cake again.  Not because I really wanted crepe cake again, but more because I felt like I wanted proof that I have actually managed to make it in my lifetime… a picture lol

Really after making it again, I realize I prefer crepes not in cake format.  They are more fun that way.  I did however flavor the filling this time with almond.  The almond & vanilla kind of reminded me of a sugar cookie.  I’m really convinced now that the batter for the crepes has something to do with the crepes being a pain in the ass to make b/c I even bought a new pan this time and they still would get stuck and be an overall pain in the ass.  This batter is the only time I’ve ever had a problem with crepes sticking/tear/etc.

Whenever I make crepes Nacho gets one… since you know, he is derived from France and such.  Haha

I don’t have the patience to make my crepe cake pretty.  It all tastes the same right?


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