Just Dance!

Monday I went in for a muuuuuuuuuch needed massage and my massage therapist commented on my weight  loss so far.  It made my freaking day (and well… year so far haha) that someone finally noticed and commented because I HAVE lost weight!  I have lost 20lbs since about October.  Slower than I would like, but progress is progress!

I’ve lost a good 5lbs just since Christmas thanks to ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>




That is most of my exercise.  And I sweat my ass off doing it and feel great.  Only I hate  the dance pad it came with, I am trying to find one of the sturdier ones because the one it came with slips, slides, hurts the arches of my feet a bit since there is no support, and it is not sensitive enough in some places and too sensitive in others.

It’s the perfect workout for me though… since you’re engrossed in the game and all… not thinking “oh hai I’m exercising”.  That is why I always failed at the gym… I would just be on the elliptical or something thinking “I’m exercising, I’m exercising, I’m bored, I’m bored, this sucks.”



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