I Made It to Thursday!

Go me.  I managed to make it to Thursday before falling into “shit, I think I feel overwhelmed” mode.

I’m getting better!  Maybe this summer, I can make it till a Friday!  One day soon, I’ll be able to last a whole week!

The ideal solution to add a little less stress, is registration for classes should really end on like Wednesday of the first week of classes.  Or something.  Instead I have a whole week to decide if I want to switch something up… or stalk the class schedules to see if somebody dropped something… things of that nature.

Less stress could also be possible if I had an advisor who I dunno… actually contacted me back.  But I don’t, apparently.  This is fun.  It should also be noted that I have had 4 different advisors all in one department.  Only 1 of them has a vague idea who the hell I am.  This all seems to defeat the point of having an advisor.  Needless to say I won’t be getting too cozy with the new one, since I’ll soon be assigned one in the VCD department.

Less stress could also be possible if one specific thing could actually materialize.  At this point we should have something epic worked out.  We don’t.

I also should be way more excited about my new flash

My excitement got murdered in attempting to get it.  I stupidly ordered it initially from a fraudulent company.  Instead I ended up having to cancel accounts instead of getting a new flash.  That kinda took the wind out of my sails and also taught me a very important lesson… I’m never ordering photographic equipment online again except at extremely trusted e-tailers. Wait, I did get my flash.  I just went to Best Buy.

However I have played around with it some.  My husband didn’t understand my excitement of taking a picture of a blank wall in a dark room.  This was because w/o a good flash, auto focus had moments where it would completely blow.  It would just search and search for a focus point… and who the hell can do manual focus… my eye sight isn’t good enough for that.  It wasn’t good enough for that in high school where manual focus was the only option on our cameras in photography class and the little dial had to be lined up… and then more manual focus in the dark room when exposing the paper.  F that noise.  Now I can take a picture of a blank wall, you know, if I am so inclined.  I can also get better focus properly on things where auto focus would want to create a weird depth of field.  Or throw one thing out of focus and favor something that was closer as the main subject of a photo.


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