Puppy Fever

Forget babies, I have been hit with puppy fever.  This is worthless to have though, since I will not be getting another dog anytime soon but gawddammit do I want one.

The other day we were in a pet store… and I’ve said a billion times I would never buy a pet shop dog… but yeaaaaaah… if it would have been a few hundred dollars cheaper I think I would have bought this puppy that the girl got out to let me play with.  It was the perfect little chihuahua.  I think I wanted it so much because it reminded me so much of Nacho, so happy and playful.  I went home a little heartbroken that I can’t have another puppy, but instead went home and cuddled my big puppy.

If it wasn’t for the cats, I would insist on getting a second dog… like now.  But the cats are here to stay and even though they annoy the shit out of me 75% of the time, I still love them.  3 animals over 10lbs is more than enough for now, especially when 2/3 drive me so stinkin’ batty most of the time.


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