But I Don’t Wanna Think!

Currently having a photography moral dilemma.

The issue of offering a disc of images to clients.

This has worked well as far as getting experience. It’s not an issue at all when I’m asking for time vs pic exchange with models. Obviously.

It is a issue when it comes to actual jobs. And yes, although I’m not going to demand my own family automatically buy prints from me, at some point I’m gonna kind of want them to as well. It’s immensely frustrating to see family & friends  members fork over money to chain photography places for convenience purposes.

I have learned that my practice is something real photographers hate *lol* and not only that, but whole giving digital copies thing is something that a lot of veteran photographers are still coming to grips with.

I’m actually feeling less and less okay with just offering digital copies (not just digital proofs) to anyone outside of models I use to gain more experience.  But it is also difficult to feel that way when you know to some extent we have to roll with the current technology and trends.

And then of course my continued growing hatred for chain photography places. They hurt the actual photographer so so much, especially those who do more family oriented pics. They are, in part, the reason part of the art is being taken out of photography, why customers come to expect low low prices, and are okay with sub par quality.

In areas like where I am at your average client is fine with average or below average quality if it is cheaper. So many people I run into don’t get why they would want to have pictures of say their kids taken by a “pro” and pay *insert higher dollar amount here* when they can just take their kids to Olan Mills… pay way less and they’re still pleased as punch because their kids are cute so the pictures are cute to them and they’re happy. While somebody like me sees the lighting issues, sees the framing/cropping issues, etc and realizes they would see the difference too if they went high quality to begin with and were taught that is what to expect. But come on, most of our parents took US to those same types of studios when we were kids, most people who are parents today just grew up with that is how you get pics taken of your family…

I ask myself what to charge while just freelancing… it becomes so headache inducing.  Right now, I don’t feel like and I know I don’t run with the big boys, so why would I charge their prices?  That would be expectations I don’t want people to have of me yet lol  But practically giving away my art isn’t working for me either.  I feel that I am worth something.  More than what I have asked for in the past.  Clients don’t realize it isn’t just about taking the picture, but the time I spend in front of my computer mulling over every detail of a shot.

I am also at a point… where I am no longer satisfied with my skill level.  I want bigger, better, faster blah blah blah in terms of myself.  I disappoint myself regularly.  I am not happy with what I am doing photography wise.  I’ve just started looking and looking and looking at various images out there… because it is much like being a writer and not reading; you’re probably not going to be very good at it.  I feel like I can’t learn fast enough.  Creating is such a high for me and when I am not doing it…. well withdrawal sucks.

When I look at my last shoot… I gave him most of the images.  If it were up to me, he would have gotten like 10.  And with Heather, I loved a lot of her photos, but she also let me take my sweet ass time doing whatever I wanted.  Can’t always do that.

I’m starting to believe that maybe I’m just not good at portrait work inside of a studio.  But I also think, why am I telling myself that?!  Uhh hello girl, you’ve just gotten to work inside of a studio, as meager as it is, you haven’t even scratched the surface of what you can attempt to do!  But I do know, my on locations shoots… my weddings, my quince…. I was more consistently happy overall with my work.

I haven’t defined myself yet.  I’m still discovering and I need to remember that.  There’s a lot of potential for something to open up that I never even before considered.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nat
    Feb 16, 2010 @ 08:01:01

    That’s part of my frustration as a photography-client – I WANT those digital copies. If I don’t have those, I can’t share the pics with everyone I want to share with, and that drives me NUTS. That’s one of the reasons I ended up getting majorly sub-par wedding photos – I had absolutely no interest in spending the big money for good photos that I wasn’t allowed to actually share with people (since I’m long-distance from all of my family). But then as a photographer, I see the other side too. It’s very problematic.

    I REALLY wish I knew of good photographers in my area – good freelancers. So far all I’ve seen are very sub-par photographers and those who charge way way too much (like the fancy wedding photogs). I just want someone who can do family portraits – and do them well. I don’t like the chain stores either, I’d far rather do them myself. But I am no pro with lighting and equipment.

    UGH it’s all just SO frustrating to me. You simply need to move closer, k?


  2. Raychela
    Feb 18, 2010 @ 09:10:54

    My opinion on giving digital images sway daily, the more I learn the more I see both sides. Both sides have extremely valid opinions. Both sides also think the other side is wrong lol

    Maybe you could contact local art schools about photographers and see if any of them freelance and if you could see their portfolios or something? I dunno what you have around you.

    There’s always the Craigslist route lol… just don’t give out your phone number anywhere lolol But by putting an ad out for what you’re looking for, you might get some freelancers that will jump on it who have excellent portfolios.

    I wish I could do your pics! Hopefully at least one day we get to meet up and I can do some hehehehe


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