If it is such a female cliche, why don’t I do it more often?

The rose petal bubble bath by candlelight.  It somehow become some cliche that women like to run hot baths filled with bubbles, throw in some rose petals and throw on some cheesy music and sit back and relax although I have never once in my life done that.  Until yesterday.

I decided that it was something that needed to be experienced.

So I used the remaining petals that were still alive from my Valentine’s Day roses.  I poured in some Philosophy Red Hot Cinnamon 3-in1, threw in a Lush Bath Bomb for good measure and my rose petals.  I then pulled out some old votive candles clear back from our wedding reception.  I pulled placed my phone in bathroom and started a new station on Pandora with Zen music.  My husband was laughing at me, similar to the laughing he did when I bedazzled encrusted my phone.  I asked him why he insisted on laughing at my endeavors lately, he responded back that he wasn’t laughing at me, he just thought it was cute.

I don’t know how to relax very well, but I’m starting to learn again.  I’m trying to remember what it was like and that it is indeed possible.  I have managed to conquer relaxation at the massage place, but can’t always seem to get it down in my own home.  The rose petal bubble bath was just the thing.

I sank in the water, which was so hot steam was rising up off it.  Aaaah.  The bathroom was lit only by candle light, which I had experienced once before, last winter when our power was off for about 15 hours and I had to shower using candle light since our bathroom has no windows.    It felt like I was transformed into some magical world.  When I would lift any part of my body out of the water, steam would rise up and float up across the surface of the tub.  Combined with my zen inspired music, it was almost mystical.

If I could find a way to live in that tub like that, I would.  Forever.

I’ve decided that this definitely needs to be at least a monthly ritual.


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