On to the Next One…


Currently in my Flickr feed are pics from a 2nd studio session with K.  This is not yet the outside (obviously) shoot we had planned to do next.  Unfortunately that day we had planned for an outside shoot but it began to snow.  In case you didn’t know, rappers do not take pictures in the snow.  Rain you know, this shit could work.  Frozen precipitation, not cool.

I had made it a goal of mine that the next opportunity I got with him that I would really try to nail the pics.  This was not my outdoor pic nailing… as my outdoor pictures I currently hold to a higher standard.  But studio nailing?  Well I know I did my best this time as last time I was not yet feeling very comfortable with the lighting and all that.  I didn’t have to go back and fix levels or curves.  I didn’t have to fix his skin tones that were blown out.  I generally liked them, which is good for me, because I hate my stuff a lot lol

I’m not meticulous with how the background looks with his pics b/c I let him have these for his own usage, which is usually employing photoshop in ways that I might refuse to *L*  Normally I would have issues knowing somebody was taking my photos to go molest them in photoshop, but K and I have a strange business relationship.

At any rate, I achieved my goal of being significantly more happy with the second batch at the studio than the first, and I really hope for that outside shoot, I have some great ideas!


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