Dance of the Opposites

Based on the 2 prompts I have already discovered much of the “something good” missing (and yes, I did have it) and the conversations and loops of self doubt and criticism that constantly replay themselves.  In fact, I was actually very surprised at some of the same themes that kept coming up again and again!  They were things which if you would have asked me at the beginning of the journey inward, I probably could not have named right off the bat.  I had a vague sense they were there but did not realize to the vast degree or the constant reoccurence of the themes.

I’ve talked about my “something good” at depth already, so no need to rehash.  My honesty with myself, writing, sharing, etc.

Same goes with my mental loops… my issue with people pleasing, judgment from others, etc.

I smiled when I read the little excerpt “life is a dance of opposites.  The best and so called worst qualities of our character live side by side.”

Wow, that was totally along the lines of one of my discoveries a while back eh?  Only, if I had not already realized it, I don’t think those words would have been quite as impacting.  I mean, I GET IT NOW.  Already.  I understand that in a whole new light.

Come to think of it… it is actually a reoccuring theme in my life.  I have heard it before.

The sweet woman who visited my Women & Religions class who came to tell us about her journey and the portico.. she talked about life being a dance with the light and the dark.  A balance.

Apparently… this theme is important in my life or else it would not be so reoccurring.  I believe when the universe wants us to learn something, to truly get something, we are shown it again and again and again in various ways.

Apparently the universe has decided that balance and even more so, the balance of opposites, is very important for me.  Which is interesting as at some points months ago I was ranting about the extreme need of balance or some understanding of balance in my life.  Hell makes me wonder now how far back this goes as I did have fascination with yin-yang signs when I was younger.  Balance. Contrast. Unity.  Life is an aesthetic experience when there is balance.


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