Tarot & Fresh Eyes

My out of the ordinary experience has been rediscovering my tarot cards.

For some people that do tarot, it may be part of their everyday life.  My fascination with tarot began when I was 17 or so.  I didn’t have money to  buy a set of cards and no way would my conservative mother dare by any for me.  So I actually “made” my own by hand drawing the backs and then printing out the pictures of the cards and stapling them together.  Years later I finally bought a proper deck.  If I would have stuck to learning the tarot in the time since my interest first sprung I would be well versed in it by now, but I am not.  I am still learning, slowly.

I love looking at tarot decks.  There are so many different ones and the images are all so beautiful and so full of meaning.  It would be easy enough just to collect decks based on the fact that they are artwork.

The cards pick up and receive energy.  Mine had to be cleansed after I once approached them with bad energy.  I could feel that they had absorbed it and didn’t dare use them again until they h ad been bathed one by one and as a whole in the soothing smoke of cleansing smudge herbs.

As I approach gaining further knowledge of the tarot now, I also find that my ability to read the cards has been enhanced as my own maturity has taken place.  I’m surprised to see that “oh, I see that now!  I understand!”

I like using the cards primarily for myself.  It’s hard so far for me to use them for others because the energy people throw off.  That and people who don’t know tarot well, you have to show them certain cards like Death and tell them, “don’t freak out if this shows up in your reading, it rarely if ever has anything to do with actual physical death.”


Every day of my life I wish for the ability to just go somewhere and take pictures.  Somewhere new.  This is the “new” thing that I wish to incorporate into everyday life.

I feel like I’ve totally exhausted a lot of my old hang outs.  When I’ve looked at something through all four seasons, at various angles, etc I start getting a little bored.

There’s so much to explore with my camera, I just need to go do it.

And I’m seriously craving going to new places as in new cities, areas, etc to take pictures.  I’m getting really tired of the same old same old scenery lately.  I want to go to places I’ve never been and capture them.  I’m getting so starved for new scenery.  There is no reason why I should be looking at the same things over and over.  It’s hard to approach anything with fresh eyes when you feel stunted by your environment.


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