Doing the whole gluten free thing for a while now has been quite an experience.  Just because I realized… gatdamn I relied A LOT on convenience foods.  And fast food has pretty much become a thing of the past.  Going out to eat sucks a lot most of the time, because it is hard to find something that won’t lead to pain later, although one our anniversary we went out for Mexican food and I said fuck it and ate the damned flour tortilla that came with something I ordered.  There aren’t words for how much I want to devour a totino’s pizza.  And sometimes I dream about eating cake lol

I have not been diagnosed with Celiac’s disease… but elimination of food products pointed clearly to wheat.  And now if I eat it I definitely feel what it does to me more than ever.

But I’m intimidated by gluten free baking.  I wander around the store confused about what to eat b/c there is wheat in some of the most random ass things.  I miss pasta sooooo much!  It is good for my weight but bad for my soul heh.  I’ve tried some of the rice pastas and my first experience was I overcooked the noodles.  Mushy pasta like things are not appetizing.  But the rice sticks and noodles found in the Asian foods section seem to work better than the “special” gluten free rice pastas.  I have yet to try the corn pastas.

Ki brought me home some gluten free pancake mix one night, and it was surprisingly pretty good.  I love Indian food and it is typically gluten free, even a lot of the pre-packaged stuff.

The other day I bought some gluten free brown rice all purpose baking mix to try out.  I was intent on using it to replicate blueberry dumplings on the stove.  I watched helplessly as after I mixed it up and dropped the mix by spoonfuls into the boiling blueberries the mix fell apart and created this bubbling gruel.  Dumplings it was not.  Blueberry flavored rice gruel it was.  It was still edible, just disgusting looking and not anything I anticipated.  I eat baby rice cereal though lol… soooo I will probably eat it.  At least some of it.

I decided to buy some corn pasta to try.  The rice/corn mixture pasta sounds the most appealing but damn that shiz is expensive.  I also broke down and decided to buy some of this gluten free bread mix that I heard was supposed to be really really good.  We’ll see.  There’s a place in town that actually is supposed to sell fresh gluten free bread that I need to investigate.  Have you ever looked at the gluten free bread they sell at say… the grocery store?  OMG.  WTF.  That is not bread.  That is LIES.  I JUST WANT A DAMN SAMMICH.

And I also decided to try the new Betty Crocker gluten free mixes.  There’s brownies, cookies, and cake now.  So I made up some of the brownies tonight.  ♥♥♥♥♥♥  So good!  No gluten to be missed.

The gluten free convenience stuff is so ridiculously expensive though.  Like seriously, $5 for pancake mix?  $6 for that shit you call bread?  $5 for rice crackers?  WAT.  The worst part of it is, most of it is RICE FLOUR.  And rice flour can be found for cheap.

I still need to venture to the health food shoppe to see what they offer.


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