It’s weird how life is a continuous collection of daily habits.  Routine.  Routine is a collection of habits.  My routine is quite simple.. get up, get ready for whatever I have to do that day, generally the most important thing is class.  I usually end up at a store at some point in the day to pick up something to eat.  At home I clean, watch TV, catch up with friends & family either on the phone or online, write and/or read.  There’s nothing amazingly exciting about my life.  It is definitely routine.  Like most people I assume.

Some days it’s boring, most days it is just life.  I identify most with the habit of attempting to try to stay connected socially while I’m home.I think I like the internet for the social connection so much because I can choose to turn it on and off.  Which means I can limit or increase the social volume that I need.  I tend to be one of those people that can get burned out easily if I am “over socialized”.  I definitely need my alone time and I definitely need to recharge between social encounters be it work, school, etc.

There’s nothing really magical that will change the routine of daily life.  A friend and I sometimes lament, “life isn’t too exciting these days”, but honestly when was it unless you want to count drama as excitement.

lSometimes I feel routine as inertia but in a lot of ways I am grateful for it.  Routine can also mean stability and stability is generally good.  Humans don’t seem to do well without some level of it anyways.

On days though where the routine feels like too much, what can I do?  I suppose inner anxiety is mostly the culprit when routine feels absolutely overwhelming.  I am remembering how to use that energy though.  A craft project or a home decorating project…. a long walk…

There is definitely predictability I would miss if it weren’t there.  Little things… seeing dog get excited over random things during the day, knowing at some point Mango will crawl up on me and purr with an intensity, random chatting on mua, checking a few good emails, watching Adult Swim in the evenings….

At the end of the day, routine isn’t totally killer and it can be somewhat refreshing, as long as you do mix it up once in a while.  Lord knows when my life was almost constantly unpredictable except for shitting and showering I was closer to being a basketcase than I ever was before.


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