Little Things

I like cooking dinner from scratch.  It is rare these days that I’m in the mood, but I enjoy the process often.  I like deboning a chicken.  It’s primal feeling and oddly satisfying.  Or shucking corn and cutting it off the cob, watching the kernels fall into the bowl and the milky liquid dripping out… mixing in a bit of cream, sea salt, sugar and cracked pepper with my hands.

I grew up loving to string green beans and snapping off the ends, their sweet green smell filling my nose.

I like watering my plants, even if I do have to make 5-6 trips to fill the pitcher I use to water them.  The smell of wet soil becomes evident and my herbs release their fragrant aroma.  I love when I collect from them as well, when my hands smell of basil…

I like to give the dog a bath, comb him out, blow dry his fur, even if he annoys me at times when I’m trying to do these things.  I like the feeling of taking care of creature and showering it with my life and affection.  I like seeing him behave ‘like a good dog” and knowing that I played a part in creating that.

I like when Kiowa and I get off on our random humor and amuse each other.  It usually happens in the car or watching TV.  It reminds me of the way our similar sense of trippy humor brought us together.

I like going to class and coming out of it feeling like I truly learned somethign that day.

I don’t much like to clean but I do like seeing the progress from cluttered to organized.  I like to see progress in most things.

I love chatting on mua and just laughing my ass off most nights.  It’s a place I feel like I’ll always have “to go” to have a laugh and get my mind off anything serious.

There’s so much of the ordinary that I do truly enjoy, it just… like a lot of things, it ends up getting taken for granted when it becomes the daily routine of life.  But I do acknowledge it, just not as much as perhaps I should.  I think too much about the next step instead of stopping and taking notice of the here and now.

What if I didn’t lay in bed at night thinking about the next day and omg what if I can’t sleep?  What if I was just like…. wow… this quietness.. this moment of calm… and I could have that every single night of my life because it is a choice and an option to have…


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