Your House is on Fire…

If I could salvage just one thing from my personal momentos… what would I grab?  Can I not bring the whole chest with me?  couldn’t that count for one?  And yet… there must be something in there that means the most out of all of it.

The white envelope… has in it all that is needed to remember what changed my life completely.  It is so very blunt but yet lacks the details of the journey.  and I’m kind of a detail oriented person.

Maybe it is the sienna journal… the binding is all busted.  I wrote my heart out.  It contains a good portion of the journey from there to here.  Including most of the details of the white envelope.  It is my reminder.  And yet.. maybe I ask of what.. I’m so far away, I realize now.

What about my usb hard drive?  All my pictures… do they not mean as much as some ramblings on a page?  Do they not mean more?  Or maybe they stand alone away from personal treasures and momentos.  I’m not sure.

All I can think right now though is why do any of these things about the past matter?  Maybe because memories fade… sometimes so bittersweetly so.  And if you’ve ever experienced losing something that holds keys to the past of jogs the memory, you do realize what a loss it actually is… to have that gone forever.  You just start losing memories… little things that you wish you could recall.  Little memories of happiness.  Or sometimes sadness.  That you want to remember.  Hoping you don’t repeat it.

*throws it all in the blue trunk and runs*


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