Random Thoughts: Because I Haven’t Posted Any in Awhile

  1. Gluten free bread is not bread.  In fact it is not even food.  It is a harbor of LIES.
  2. I have no desire to take drawing fundamentals I & II but I have no choice.  I CAN TAKE A PICTURE OF IT WHY DO I WANT TO DRAW IT?!
  3. I am seriously gonna research studying abroad travel grants and scholarships, a little birdy told me today that they’re planning for EGYPT in Summer of 2011.  EGYPT!!!   That is one of those places I always wanted to go, but kinda was reserved to the fact that I would probably die w/o ever seeing it.
  4. One of my profs is looking for a TA over the summer.  I’m thinking about inquiring but have to make up my mind like in the next day or two.
  5. It is 5am, making getting to a 9am class difficult.  I seriously remember apt inspections at 3am and grew paranoid that everything wasn’t pristine enough.
  6. The wolf spiders are fucking back.  I let out a yelp as I moved my sewing machine case to find a half dollar sized one.  I asked my husband to kill it, but he stood back as I chased it down with his shoe and a broom.  These things need to die, in fire.

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