Thank God, it’s almost over…

I have been crazy busy lately.  And when I say busy this time I actually mean it, not my usual perception of crazy where more than a few things are overwhelming *heh*

I spent a couple weeks sick.  Diagnosis… another sinus infection, the start of an ear infection and my usual semi-annual dose of antibiotics.  *sigh*  I had to inquire to my Meso-American art history prof about pushing my presentation for my creative research project back.  The very thought of emailing her about it horrified me.  I hate to be perceived as this person who can’t keep it all together.  But being sick put serious halt to my schedule and I was extremely behind in everything.  Luckily she agreed to letting me present another day.

My research focused on the paintings of Pre-Columbian Maya.  The murals that have been discovered this far absolutely fascinated me and this class was my first exposure to them.  Initially for my creative project I had intended to create and actually PAINT a modern depiction of a technology god with Mayan elements.  This plan quickly got halted.  I can’t paint.  Not like I would like to.  My version of painting is more abstract, mostly because I can’t paint well… or free hand draw things from my mind (ohhhh the drawing fundamental classes are gonna be verrrrrry interesting).  But desperation to breeds invention.  My technology god ended up being painted with light (photography) and photoshop.  It was such an on a whim decision.  I was completely caught up with adrenaline of just finishing the project that a part of me didn’t even appreciate it until I printed off a 16×20 to mount for my presentation and I stepped back and thought, hey that’s pretty fucking awesome actually.

My largest victory came with actually giving the presentation.  Long story… public speaking… major social anxiety… freshman year… about died giving speech… long story blah blah blah.  So there was this huge victory in this for me for actually doing it.  And not dying.    Only one *facepalm* moment that I am now pretty much over.  Prof told me she was impressed with my project.  Win.

The last few days have been spent studying or finishing papers 8-10 hours a day.  I actually feel some what thankful for the research writing class I took now whenever I am forced to write a paper with MLA and/or APA.  Apparently some things do stick after all.

The hard part is over.  Now I am just presented with taking 4 finals next week and then crossing my fingers.  The finals don’t scare me.  It was writing papers that intimidated me, not because I wasn’t feeling capable of it, but just because writing papers is really fucking boring.   I really do feel that for the most, I gave my best this semester.  For the most part.  There were places I lacked.  Procrastination definitely got the best of me in some aspects.  I tend to always tell myself that this semester I won’t let procrastination win, and yet it does but I’m working on it.  The social psych class was something I just pushed through.  It was something that I took simply to fill a hole in my schedule that was completely unable to be filled by anything I needed.  Admittedly I have probably done the bare minimum in that class and have thrown a little faith into the universe that I will get by.

After finals I will get like a week to catch up on cleaning my house and being a lazy ass.  And then, summer classes.


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