Monday I started my Drawing Fundamentals I class.  6 weeks.  Then Drawing Fundamentals II.  6 weeks.  Then, hopefully no more drawing or very little ever lol

As I walked up to class Monday no less than 3 different people stopped me asking where various classes were being held.  WTF, do I look like a walking campus map or something?  I wanted to be like:  Also, visual arts building has 2 floors.  I know this is an amazing concept but some classes take place on.the.first.floor.  Wow, mind blown huh?

When we started class I learned that photography majors making profs who teach drawing cringe a little.  Clearly they know that not all of us come with drawing ability.  That would be me.

What sucks though, is that I used to be able to draw!  I mean, not amazing or anything, but I could draw something and it would look like the thing lol  Now?  I don’t know what happened by I totally lost the ability.

I had more problems because I didn’t have all my supplies today making the exercise difficult.  I left early to pick up some various missing supplies to finish the exercise at home to show to my prof to make sure I am in the right ballpark of doing this shit.  The appropriate tools definitely helped and made me feel a little completely untalented with a pencil.

I’ve already discovered that I hate it when the prof makes his way around the room during our exercise, standing behind us, making comments, etc.  It was helpful today b/c I needed confirmation every 5 minutes yesterday that I wasn’t royally screwing up, but other times it made me so nervous like “oh god, he’s looking at what I’m doing and probably thinking somebody help this poor soul and her talentless ass” lol

On the plus side he seems nice.  And patient. If that changes I’m screwed.  As I have heard there are various profs in the art department that have no patience and totally destroy students over minor details.  Thankfully in my time in the department I have not encountered any of them.  In fact, all the ones I’ve met so far are beyond wonderful for the most part.


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