Liberal F Word Usage. And self centered woe is me rants.

Today could have been “okay” but then it flew to hell.  Over something so dumb.

And I just feel ragey inside.  Everybody cares about their fucking money, everybody cares if you have the fucking right paper work, if you do everything the right fucking way.

And yet guess what?  In the end we all fucking die and absolutely NONE of it matters.  NONE.  Death.  The great equalizer.

I’m obviously in need of finding something deeper here, because it just dawned on me today how absolutely fucking ridiculous so many things are if you just think about it.  What REALLY matters? To me?   I don’t even have a bloody answer because of all the shit I’ve had forced down my throat.  All these fucking details that do not matter.  There have seriously been times when I’ve just wished it would all come crashing down, so I would be forced to start fresh, not going back and cleaning up the same fucking mess that takes 10x longer.  Despite my best tries I cannot seem to kick these fucking walls down.

I am also disgruntled to find that if something has followed you and hunted you down for xx amount of time, it will come back to finish the job.  Which makes me 1000x more pissed. Nice to know how much energy I spent running.

Fuck this mess.


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