Yay!  I finally have a domain name for my website… which is linked to a smugmug account.  Of course none of it is near ready to show off yet.  Lots of tweaking to do.  Smugmug isn’t 100% what I wanted, but it is all I’m gonna get if I have to do everything myself.  It’d be closer to 100% if I were better at html and/or CSS.  I am not.  Learn as I go.

I actually found a 50% off code for the first year of a smugmug account.  Can’t beat that!  And then found another coupon code to register a domain name at godaddy for $1 for first year!  Today was apparently a good day to look into/do this.  Saving $40 is a good chunk of change.


It’s a good thing that today is a holiday because I think I would have cried if I would have had to went to class today.  This long ass weekend and I’m still burned out?  Yup.

I just keep telling myself to hang on.  This is now the 3rd week of summer classes.  Half way through THIS class.  I can’t even think about the next right now.  Just get through this one.  No matter what it takes.  Day by day.  Struggle through… it will eventually be over.


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