Building up this site makes me want to rip out my soul

Holy shit.  I really shoulda though this smugmug thing through before jumping gung ho into it all.  I thought that the site would be a wee bit easier for a novice like me, that I would be able to customize things I wanted easier than having to jump into html, css, javascript code, etc.  This is purely my fault though because admittedly I didn’t bother truly exploring everything while I had my trial.  The thing is, it IS easy if you want to use their preset options.  But if you actually want to customize it… hello diving into code.

It took me 3 days of on and off fiddling with things for the homepage to realize the reason it wasn’t working is b/c I had ONE, ONE PEOPLE, character/symbol/keystroke/whatever in the wrong place.  Christ on a cracker.

I now feel like I’m defusing  a bomb when I have to do anything with the code.  Seriously anxiety inducing that I’ll screw something up.  I suppose this would be a good time to copy and paste what I know works somewhere else before I save it all and risk screwing it up.

I’m also feeling anxiety over what to do with the site in some aspects.  I wouldn’t mind maybe a header, navigation bar, and one picture leading into the site as the main page but then I realize, omg I can’t choose one picture that sums up my work in the way that I want it too.

Then there is the slideshow option, which is a popular one.  Smugmug offers a slideshow option on the homepage so you don’t have to do it yourself in code.  I have no desire to do it myself in code at this time, so using their option it will probably be.  But I need to create a gallery of shots I want to run in the slideshow because there is no particular gallery of specifics that I want it to pull from.  And I don’t like the randomness of it pulling from most popular or recently uploaded.  Then I’ll have to figure out if I can hide that gallery from the main site!  Ugh.

Then creating another header.  I am conflicted on this because it is part choosing the branding image of the site.  Little things like colors… font.  I also want to kick myself… the wiping of my computer that took place means my massive font collection is no more.  Pretty much the only thing I did not think to back up.

I look at my header on the blog… and my eye within the lens I created is definitely staying.  It is what brought everything together for me… the concept, the name, etc.  Without it, nothing has the same meaning for me.

I think right now I’m completely happy with keeping things in black & white, literally.. as far as text goes.  I very much like for things to be clean looking in that way.  Especially since my work encompasses a bit of everything.


Okay well I shut all this down to restart the computer and I’ve somehow been trying to figure out things for like the past… I dunno 2-3 hours and getting a contact form up just totally happened by chance I think.

I am not 100% thrilled with the banner/header right now, but that is freaking easy to fix so I’m not too worried about that.  I can change it.  The font is irking me I think.

Putting in dummy pages or galleries for text and stuff is pissing me off immensely.  I don’t think it would be this difficult in any other format but I don’t know.   However I *think* I am starting to get how things work.  Despite how much of a clusterfuck it all looks to me, when I go into visitor’s view, it is looking much more how I envisioned.


I have been trying to decide if I want to keep a blog or not for the site.  It is what the cool kids are doing these days.  Har.  I’m leaning towards yay.  I wanted to move over to blogger with it possibly but I like having all my dashboards here at wordpress!    Like I really need one more place to update haha

I figure the blog might be good to use for various other purposes… like putting more personal shots I take.  Little photo adventures I have.  I dunno.  I’ll figure it out.  I’m not too worried about making it updated constantly.  But of course if I keep the blog, IT MUST BE RESTYLED.  GAH.


And then comes the task of somewhat pricing stuff.  I’m still in the space of my stuff coming through referrals and I generally cut people sweet deals… but… I dunno.  I started doing some pricing and I’m torn.  It will definitely be the last thing I do because it just drives me bonkers to figure everything out.  The Pro smugmug accounts has the whole you can buy prints from them, well your customers can right on the site, but there are various reasons I am not interested in doing that right now, if at all ever.  I don’t think I am gonna go crazy figuring out every print price.  Come up with some packages and then anything else, talk to me, tell me what you want and I’ll go from there.


Once I get this damned site solidified I’ll feel a lot less frazzled about it all.

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  1. cabbey
    Jun 06, 2010 @ 20:52:54

    Another option for the homepage slide show is to use keywords. I just added the keyword “homepageslideshow” to all the images I wanted in it, wherever they are in my account, and set the slideshow to pull from that keyword. Much easier than maintaining a second copy of the images (even a virtual copy in a smart gallery) in an unlisted gallery. (That’s the ticket to hiding the gallery from the main site btw, unlisted. Your visitors won’t see it unless you tell them where it is.)


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