Yay, it will be done soon =D

I seriously toyed with the idea of moving the photography site blog over to blogger/blogspot.  Then I went back over there and decided screw this, I have enough to do.  Besides, I really do greatly prefer wordpress.  It has grown on me immensely from my blogger/blogspot days.

The photography site is coming along nicely.  Any of my rants of putting it together have been “my own abilities sometimes suck” fueled because I  have nothing but awesome things to say about smugmug at this point and I don’t anticipate anything changing on that front.  If a company manages to impress me off the bat, that is saying something because it usually takes a while for me to warm up to new things, haha.

Starting it up the other night was getting the worst over.  It was just diving into things I didn’t know very well head first.  Now it is all starting to feel much more familiar to look at (minus any new coding stuff AHHHHHH) and there’s nothing much more tricky to do.  I’m getting help with the last details and I hope that it will be ready for people to view within the next week or so.  Plus it unravels my nerves to know that I can always tweak it, experiment with different things, get help changing something if I want it changed, etc.  I’m glad I can create something that I can upgrade/change if I want to, not have to call somebody up and make and wait for  them do it for me.

I think I might have said in a previous post that I wasn’t sure if it was gonna be exactly what I wanted but turns out that is not true at all.  It is turning out exactly what I wanted now that I am getting things into place.  I can’t think of anything I’m missing or that I can’t do.

It is kinda just details at this point to get it finished, I’m excited!


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