*dun dun dun* Coffee Tables.

I am in a home decorating mode, which might have more to do with being in a “I WANT TO SPEND MONEY RECKLESSLY” mode more than anything.  Current fixation:  coffee tables.

The one we have is overdue for an upgrade and I have never once in my adult life picked out, purchased, or had a coffee table that was my own.  The first one we had belonged to my husband… which belonged to his dad… and it was an ugly hunk of wood that, before it met its end, eventually had a nail polish bottle permanently stuck to the side of it…don’t ask.  The second coffee table, our current one, was given to me by my mother and we had it in my home growing up as a kid.  When it was new I have no doubt that spent a good chunk of change on it… it is large, heavy, solid, and has not shown its age.  It does however have a huge chip taken out of the top on one side, which I’ve just covered with a stack of coasters.

The problem with it it is, the biggest problem, it no longer matches the living room.  It is this light oak color.  The entertainment set up is now a dark wood finish.  The only way it gets by of not looking totally bizarre and out of place is the fact that the dining room is near by and everything in there has managed to stay light oak so there is a vague connection.  Not only does the wood finish not match, but the style does not either.  It isn’t quite believable in my living room.  3rd problem is it is really rather large for this room.  4th problem is the top has grooves and I hate cleaning them.  All kinds of stuff gets in those things and it is so difficult to clean.  I want something that I can just dust off.

I love these first 2 but they are a bit more than I could picture spending… but would work so nice and I would want to keep them forever and ever.

Okay maybe if I had a completely different style, but I just had to post this because it amused me lol  The reviews for it are pretty crappy too, but this would be awesome if done right haha

Like the style of this one below, but the color is a no go

I’ve always kind of liked slate topped ones, but the grooves… no likey


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