Running with the theme…

I seem to have a cherry blossom & pink theme going on in the old blog… let’s just finish it off.

For 10 years I was the not so proud owner and canvas of this:

Considering it was done with a freaking sewing needle and tattoo ink it could have been a hell of a lot worse, which is why it wasn’t covered up years ago.  You should have seen what a friend with a similar experience had to have covered.  The even more ironic part is that there was something under that at one point, done the same way lol

When we were 15-16 we hang out with people we shouldn’t have and drank way underaged.  I suppose that is no surprise these days.  So this turned out to be “okay dude, I’m drunk… sure you can go at me with a needle and tattoo ink…it will only be there FOREVER” uggh.  Stupidity reigns when you’re young.

So when I walked into tattoo dude’s place a couple days ago and one of his buddies was there asking me why I wanted to cover up a cross (I mean it does seem pretty sacrilegious)… #1 reason was it looked like a really bad prison tattoo… more like a county jail tattoo lol and #2 the person who did it now has a history with me that is… well let’s just say that cross was basically the mark of the beast…SWEAR dude was satan himself.

I brought in one design after being all gung ho about a tree.  I just somehow convinced myself that a tree would not work.  Don’t ask me why.

He modified it to cover… his buddy kept laughing me when he saw my face when I saw it.  It was just nothing like I wanted.  Then I sheepishly asked him about a tree, figuring he would tell me it wouldn’t work how I wanted.  Instead he became excited about my tree idea.  Then I told him about my love affair with cherry blossoms.  That was it.  I was getting my cherry blossom tree tattoo.

He free handed it all… no stencils… no I took a pic of somebody else’s tattoo.  It is all mine.  Forever.  And there is no hint of once was there.

I love it.  It took a lot of balls for me to trust him and just go for it.  Especially when I never ever in a trillion years imagined something that big on my leg.  The scariest part in the world was waiting for him to finish up the main outline, after that it was just the thrill of getting to see it done.  It took 5 hours start to finish… only felt like 2-3.  I actually enjoyed the experience, as I typically do with tats.  Only I didn’t really enjoy the experience much on my right ankle on… that was just…. beyond painful.  But this, it was only cringe worthy near my ankle bone where he did the roots and then the branches/flowers that wrap around near the back of my leg.  Otherwise, it felt pretty much exactly like epilating,  which I’ve done.

One of the reasons I even like getting tats, besides having something there that is beautiful… meaningful..whatever… is that I actually enjoy the process of getting of them.  I don’t mind the pain at all unless it is absolutely excruciating.  It is a very “in the moment” experience.  You’re aware of yourself and the moment in every little flicker of that needle.  That experience you are in… just perfectly there.  I suppose you can’t really appreciate it unless you like tats.  It was the same reason I liked getting my nose pierced.  It isn’t that I like pain lol… but it was just, for that second you are so perfectly aware of yourself and your place in space.

So in one night, I knocked off 2 of my good old bucket list goals… get that old tat covered up and get my cherry blossom tree.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kate
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 05:45:53

    I was actually thinking about you and cherry blossoms last night, because the band Air has a song called “Cherry Blossom Girl.” 🙂


  2. Natalie
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 22:45:25

    Well I’m not going to be getting a tat anytime soon, but that’s how I feel about giving birth. It’s so very in the moment, so very alive. The pain isn’t the same kind of pain. Very pretty tat, by the way!


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