I need to sleep but thought I would write for just a moment anyway to perhaps clear my head…

Today & Saturday are my last 2 classes I have not yet had this week.  So far it has just been the T&T classes which are just long… but now I have to add 2 more to that.  It is dawning on me that I am going to come out of this semester and well really…. every semester until graduation is finally here just being overwhelmed.  It is a lot of work.  2x the class time of regular classes plus all the time expected to be spent working on class stuff outside of class.  I’m slightly disappointed in the fact that I KNOW I will not be able to give everything I want to give to each individual class.

I must admit too… hopefully w/o sounding like too much of a brat… that so far it has been difficult to sit in the first 2 classes listening to things I already know.  I assume at some point quickly enough it will move fast that, but when I’m sitting in a photo class where people don’t know wtf ‘exposure’ means… yeah I’m having some problems with the rate this is gonna be moving.

I did decide to bring in some of my photos to show my photo prof.  There were people going out to shoot after class so he did not spend a lot of time looking over them too carefully, but he looked over them and he liked them… he didn’t have anything bad to say or really point out.  Not that I really expected he would.  I don’t have a big head about what I do, but I know damn well I’m not bad lol  I believe I will benefit from the class, and he told me he thought I would as well… it is just really hard to just sit there and not squirm when I’m listening to stuff that I taught myself and pounded into my own head a year or 2 ago.  I keep my ears perked up for tidbits of stuff that maybe I didn’t know.  Sadly yesterday I only got one, but maybe…maybe more will come soon.  Needless to say I’m fucking eager for upper level studio classes.

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