I have just decided to add “more stuff I don’t possibly have time for but I should do it anyways” to my to do list.  Actually I think I would have enough time for everything if I just had better time management skills.  Something I will clearly have to learn if I plan on functioning much further in this life.  Most of the time I just end up getting side tracked by “INTERNET FOREVER!!!” and not the productive type of internet forever either.

I have to finish my photography website.  HAVE TO.  My goal deadline was by Labor Day.  Um, how the hell did that get here so fast?  It’s mostly done, it just the finishing touches.  After bitching so hard about it… I then got distracted heavily from from finishing it.  I wish I had money to hire people to do stuff for me… because that would be one of their to dos instead of mine.

Today we went and paid Ki’s library card fine so I could use his card because I need books to browse for some of my classes.  Guess how much we paid for his library fine (which was my fault)…. $50.  Guess how much mine is and thus why we did not pay it?….  $80.  How the fuck does that happen?  How can anyone have an $80 library fine?!  Well apparently I do.  More reasons why I am special.

I promised him I would make sure all the books got back on time this time.  And I really will because whenever I walk into the library I am very much YAY BOOKS!!!!  I love to read, I just couldn’t do it much without a library card… b/c books are expensive and such. Someday I hope to have some disposable income to build my own nice book collection… yes…someday.

Of course tonight besides picking up some books I needed for some research… I also picked up a lot of photography books.  Mostly ones about the business side of things.  But business in the sense of, new releases that are actively focusing on marketing yourself in the era of all things digital.    I picked up a really awesome one on photography and online marketing & social media.  I read 300 pages while taking some notes in about 2 hours after getting totally sucked into it (admittedly, I did skip the youtube section (no interest) and only briefly skimmed the linkedin section (nobody is there!)).  Pretty sure I just butchered something about the English language there with those double parentheses….

At any rate, it started to click with me how important all this online social networking stuff has become.  Having a presence on the web is important these days and I don’t really predict that slowing down.  Who knows, maybe it could… but in the past 10 years it has pretty much blown my mind what the internet and social online networking has become.  There are things now, that I doubt people had even dreamed of 10 years ago.

Maintaining a photography blog linked with my site has been one of my “this is important, I should do it” and I have been really bad at it.  Getting better at it is a must in my books.  Thus I have decided to approach it like I would approach a job (since uh, it technically kind of is if I want to market myself with it) and set aside a certain amount of time for it each week.

I have also realized how much I could benefit by connecting with others more on the internet for photography purposes.  I mean… this endless treasure chest of information and people on the internet and I don’t even utilize .0000000000000000000001% of it.  I’ve avoided a lot of forums where a lot of older “seasoned” photographers set up shop and claim ground on the basis that there is a lot of bitterness there about “newbies” snatching up an industry that they are not willing to adapt to.  Forums can be notoriously difficult to handle just for the fact that every forum is very much divided into cliques like communities in real life.  I am starting to find though that people having their discussions on blogs, twitter, etc provide a much more open format for discussion where cliques are not as apparent.  I just know that I live in an age that has the opportunity to connect to other photographers and artists like never before and I really should utilize that.

As it is starting to become more apparent the different roads I should take to expand myself and thus my art… I realize I have to grow up a bit more and figure out how to manage myself and my time a bit better to benefit from all the opportunities I actually do have.


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  1. Natalie
    Sep 05, 2010 @ 15:34:38

    If I actually had time on the computer I’d so help you with your website. :/

    Also I have a website to recommend to you…. when I find it I’ll email you or msg you.


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