Snapfish and sites like it can suck it.  Yeah I’m sourta mad right now, but I guess it is my fault since I didn’t think to check their shipping prices online before I spent the entire evening going through 1000s of pictures to make prints for the 365 free print deals.  We hadn’t printed off any pics since 2008.  I was looking forward to it.  Went through thousands of pics, uploaded over 400 and then… what?  $20-some for shipping?  I quickly discovered after the shipping costs, plus my order part that wasn’t free… the “deal” would allow me to only save like 10 bucks.  Snapfish charges shipping and handling per print, which is absolutely ridiculous.  They aren’t the only ones with this practice, I know York Photo does it too.  Who really cares about “low” print prices and special deals when you’re pay so much for one 4×6 print, so much more than just going somewhere to pick up your prints and not have to worry about shipping and handling costs and practices.  If Walgreens offers me a 9 cent print, I get it for 9 cents and the gas it took me to get there.  If Snapfish offers me a 9 cent print, it is actually over $1 per print if I buy 5 or less, 58 cents a print if I buy up to 195, and still 34 cents a print if I buy up to 595 and well… I’ve made my point.  I don’t take as much issue with their gift and photo product shipping, but for prints… to me it’s a big huge rip off.  They’re entitled of course to charge whatever they want for their prints, but I know they will not get my business on them.


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