Another Day, Another Thanksgiving

Can I just say that I am officially Thanksgiving’d out?!  I really really don’t want to see it again until next year… and even then, I dunno lol

We arranged something with my mom today to appease my brother.  Guess who wasn’t there?  Yeaaaah…. This morning the stomach flu hit him full force.

The best part of my day was teaching Tristin how to “nom” lol  I kissed and nommed at his cheeks while tickling him going “om nom nom nom nom.”  After a few rounds of this after I stopped he giggled and went “om nom nom.”  Best thing ever.  After that I could go “Tristin!  Om nom nom!” and he would grin and “om nom nom” back.  It is amazing how amusing children are teehee

On Black Friday I ventured out in the morning.  It was actually relatively dead by Black Friday standards.  I guess the crazies were either at the mall or had been out since midnight doing their shopping.  I was thoroughly unimpressed, there were really no sales going on that you can’t get any other time of the year.  It seems Black Friday works best if you are planning on making an electronics purchase or if you are really after one of those door buster deals.

At any rate, I did finish Christmas shopping for Tristin.  He is officially getting:

(I’m slightly demented but I want one… lol)

Something similar to this, although I admit most of my inspiration was just because I thought how cute of a picture it would make of him dragging it along behind him.  Truth be told he has one already.


A variety of plastic animal toys because he totally loves them


Leap Frog Potsy, which is his main gift.  I thought it was too cute, plus I love getting Leap Frog stuff for him since it actually teaches him stuff.  Plus I figured it would work well with the pretend play kitchen set my sister is getting him.

And then I am going to make him another blanket this year, I figured I would go ahead and make him one each Christmas.

Speaking of sewing… I have all these patterns I never used yet that I wanted to.  Especially as gifts.  I just don’t know if I’ll find the time, but I really should try.


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