It’s Holidailies Time Again!

I am giving Holidailies a go for the 3rd year in a row, although I am already officially a day behind lol.  I really really wanted to Holidailies with my photo blog but I know I just can’t commit to a post a day there this year.  Maybe next year.

So welcome Holidailies readers!  My blog is me and my rambles.  This is a personal blog, no specific theme except my life.  I am a photographer and/or photography student and a lot of my posts have to do with photography lately.  Or school.  It’s the holidays so rants about my family are normal lol.  I’ll probably spend some time showing off some holiday things or contemplating gift ideas up till Christmas.

To make this post a little more interesting than an “oh hai holidailies into…”  here’s some more random facts about me, I say more because I did this in 2008 as well, but I’m bringing you all new ones… If I can find anything that interesting lol

  • A lot of people who know me know this already but I love cherry blossoms.  LOVE.  I used them in my wedding, I decorate my house with them, I have a cherry blossom tree tattoo on my leg.
  • The cherry blossom tree on my leg was done as a cover up for a tattoo I let some dumbass put on me when I was 16ish.  But now I’m rather glad I was an idiotic 16 year old because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have the awesome tree on my leg that I have now.
  • In addition to the zoo in my house, I have 2 feral kittens that visit my porch that I take care of (although I guess they aren’t really feral anymore, not towards me anyways, and they aren’t much kittens anymore).  I tried to find a rescue to take them but unfortunately all the ones around here are full and our shelters are kill shelters =(
  • I find sanity through meditation.
  • I rarely watch TV, except for at 10pm when Adult Swim MUST BE TURNED ON.
  • I pride myself on the gifts I give people at Christmas.  I have a knack for finding the perfect gift 95% of the time.
  • If I had all the money I needed and could give anyone any gift this year, I would pay for my best friend to go to college.
  • My favorite gift I have ever had the pleasure to give was a photo book I gave my sister last year chronicling the first half year (he was born in June) of my nephews life.
  • I am a happier person when I don’t watch/read the news.  I know it might make me a terribly uninformed individual, but still… it makes me happier and less anxious about the world.
  • I would really love to have a vow renewal someday that had all the “dream” elements my wedding didn’t.
  • I probably use glitter a wee bit too much when it comes to craft projects.
  • My husband is a screenwriter and film maker.  He and his crew are wrapping filming soon and start post production on a project they will be submitting to Sundance.
  • I have come to the realization this year that I really don’t want to photograph weddings after all. I’m never saying never, but I believe there is something bigger and better out there for me to do with photography.
  • I have a very bad memory.  I’m scared to know what it will be like when I’m 40.
  • The way online social media is overtaking society sometimes scares me.
  • I discovered in the beginning of this year that I don’t tolerate eating gluten well at all.  So for about a year now I’ve been eating gluten free (minus a few days in the year I said fuck it… and then proceeded to suffer)
  • When my pet rats go to the great beyond I am seriously considering getting a hedgehog.

Well that’s enough of that!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sherry
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 04:54:01

    I wandered over from Holidailies and look forward to reading you throughout the month!


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